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Teambuilding Australia, the leaders for over 20 years in team based training, leadership events and Teambuilding activities,

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Through financial crisis and global pandemics our team has survived for over 20 years. Creating reputable learning programs in Australia and beyond. We ensure that all events are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials for every group training event.


For us, honesty is the only policy. We strive to complete all team building events with integrity and fairness. Not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and subcontractors. We recommend the best team building activities to fit a clients budget and time, outcomes and team objectives.


We commit ourselves to complete all projects, exercises and training within the timeline set with our clients. We use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done quickly. But also giving attention to details and ensuring everything is done correctly.

Who we are.

team workThe home of team building activities in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia. For many years Teambuilding Australia has been exceeding customer expectations by providing fantastic, memorable events and invaluable conference support. Our unique team building activities and corporate training programs cater for all groups and sizes. Teambuilding Australia specialise in group events and programs based on rewarding and challenging activities with the common aim of turning good teams into great teams. Contact us today on 0416 152 820. See us HERE

Teambuilding Australia, a company striving to help people realize and achieve their true potential. Offering exciting, memorable, and practical corporate experiential activities, events, and programs.

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Teambuilding Australia delivers the best quality learning activities, events and workshops throughout Australia. Call or WhatsApp us direct today on 0416 152820.

  • We facilitate all our group events and corporate games. We are not a ‘booking agency’ that outsources programs, allowing us flexible cost options.
  • Teambuilding Australia carries a global Public Liability Insurance of $20 million.
  • All our staff are experienced facilitators in group development, corporate training, team-building skills and facilitation.
  • We have over 20 years of Team Training experience.
  • We design and facilitate all staff training programs across Australia and the Asia region.
  • Members of the Australian Institute of Training and Development. Accredited Facilitators in DiSC and TMS, Belbin and MBTI Profiling Tools.
  • All professional equipment and materials, design and program logistics, we take care of everything.
Some examples of our team based corporate training exercises, leadership and group games.

Good to Great teamwork
Fun and educational, this fast-paced activity defiantly breaks up long conference sessions. A competitive team session is held indoors at a conference or workplace, perfect as an ice-breaker or during the ‘Dead Zone’ – that pm time where your teams attention span is waning. A terrific activity that will energize your team, and get them thinking ahead.

Add value to any conference or event
Creating memorable and fun events. A Conference Emcee (MC) adds value to any leadership or corporate training event. Keeping the teams engaged, the energy levels high and the agenda on time. MC’s also bring to an event a different set of qualities and add a personal touch, plus allows all your delegates to take part, not feel the pressure of keeping the agenda.

Team Scavenger hunts
A scavenger hunt is a fun activity that creates the opportunity and drive for people to work together as one unit. This team building exercise spurs creativity, particularly if clues or riddles are involved.
The hunt takes teams on a journey through the local area, with a challenge or task to complete at each step. Teams have to work quickly and effectively in order to complete the tasks in time! everything you need : instructions, maps, backpacks, equipment, cameras, staff and prizes.

Beach Olympic events
An incredibly fun group event and learning exercise,  a fast-paced activity between 1 hour to 4 hours, long, with a grand finale Sand Sculpting contest. Staff groups compete on some crazy beach activities in an olympics style format, co-operation and teamwork, with maybe a little competition as well.

The Leaders Retreat
Our ‘The Leaders Retreat’ programs focus on some simple principles and guiding factors that create leaders to manage and guide teams along the journey in their businesses. Our leadership team building retreat incorporates the best of our current popular team activities and sessions along with new learning tools and principles.

Team development program
What creates a great program is a hands-on input in the design of the program, getting clients thoughts on what the sessions should be. From adventure challenges that test trust and planning, to Kendo that explores a teams commitment and focus. Our most successful programs have incorporated a mix of challenges, not only activities that requires physical abilities, but activities that incorporate lateral thinking as well as team development with synergy.

Acting Up
A team building activity is a great interactive exercise to make everyone part of the fun and express their acting skills. Through a series of funny and witty scenarios, teams put on a playin which all guests take part. Great for bonding groups together into better teams.

Developing teamwork
A competitive teams exercise for building cooperation at work. An activity that illustrates the power of ‘positive reenforcement’. An addictive, fun-filled game that illustrates high performance teamwork in action! A one hour + session suitable for 20 to 2000 people. ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.’

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