Acting Up

Acting Up team building activity is a great interactive program to make everyone express their acting skills. Through a number of funny and witty scenarios, teams must put on a play – either a fairy tale, classic, romantic or thrilling act.

  • Exercises that train fast-thinking via free association as well as other exercises that focus on dissociation
  • Voice projection
  • Improvise using a prop
  • Improvise situations e.g. at a train station buying a ticket.
  • Character building
  • Games were the audience is involved
  • Exercises to train basic concentration skills. Particularly for training players to be attentive to what other players do: listening and awareness skills
  • Creativity – In many cases the audience is asked how to continue the scene
  • A fun play at ‘whose line is it anyway’
  • Selling a product without mentioning its name
  • Sessions to train listening and looking skills. Since improvisation is a group activity, it’s important for players to be aware what is going on, what others are saying and doing, these exercises develop such skills.
  • Finally a short play is performed in which all guests take part at some point or another. They have no lines, only motivations.

Team Building Highlights 

  • Great for character building and bonding as a team
  • Build on listening and communication skills
  • Exercises to help the players work together as a group
  • Warm up to get every one laughing and feeling relaxed
  • Discover individual and team’s creative potential
  • Work together to create some fabulous, memorable scenes
  • Highly versatile time frame

Acting Up – is a great theatre skills team building activity that embraces all the thrills of the stage.



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