Beat the Tweet

Techno games for teamsFrom a lunch break to an afternoon, any group size, any location, any time.

Beat the Tweet team building activity in AustraliaA new wave in team building activities and games have emerged, games that get’s your team racing around the city, office or conference venue: completing challenges, solving problems and being creative in using only 140 characters or less at a time.

Yes, Twitter / WeChat / WhatsApp etc are the new ways to communicate so we have created a team activity that can be facilitated at any location, or time. In fact we can also use this to get a group of delegates to a set location, such as a conference, dinner function or meeting place.

Beat the Tweet is flexible and creative team-building activity, allowing everyone to participate, using GPS co-ordinates and locations, media files and clues to direct teams on a bread crumb trail…all online. Teams can log in and the ‘game master’ will push clues and locations to teams live. We create every activity unique to a teams location, group size and time frame.

Armed with a smart phone, participants receive clues and challenges via twitter. These clues will include map references, pictures, audio files as well as text. Team members have to work together to solve logic puzzles, pop culture quizzes and various creative challenges all while navigating their way through the city to find hidden rewards


  • Problem solving skills in groups.
  • Involves creative teamwork.
  • Promotes cooperation of all members of your team.
  • Multiple skills sets are drawn upon.
  • Utilizes the digital medium.
  • Incorporates creativity and team based activities.
  • This program is not weather dependent.
  • A digital record of the event is provided as a memento.

Beat the Tweet

Beet the Tweet        Beet the Tweet Team building game    Beet the Tweet teamwork

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