Beats Working

Everyone takes part in this incredible performance of rhythm and drums, which teaches participants the art of communication through drums and percussion. Last one hour and is amazing for larger groups!


Every orchestra uses an astonishing amount of co-operation and teamwork in working together to create a musical performance, and using drums and percussion is a great way to teach teams how to work together..

Beats Working Music Team Building Program is a great way to kick start a conference or workshop – getting everyone in sync and all connected through drumming and music




Teambuilding Australia has a perfect mix of music and beat to spice up your event. Energize your group by using this fun activity to open or end a conference and reinforce key messages of teamwork and communication through this extraordinary team experience.



Beats Working Music Team Building activity is ideal as a 45-90 minute exercise that engages everyone in the group, creating a real dynamic in the room. Any one can partake in this social style event, the noise is electric and the creating of music as team is overpowering.


Perfect for teams to explore working as ‘one team’ cohesion in groups and collaboration in teams.

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