Bollywood Dance Workshop

Want a quick and easy way to get your team moving in the same direction? The Bollywood Dance Workshop is for your team.


Our corporate Bollywood dance workshop is interactive, hilarious and a great way to unite your team. It encourages collaboration, self expression and an element of sheer madness – a requisite for all innovative organizations! This activity is perfect for teams that encourage diversity and want a fun way to experience a new culture.

 Team are taught the moves, the steps the dances and of course the famous scenes that make Bollywood so popular. We can bespoke each event so that either a one team activity can be facilitated or individual teams compete with judges deciding the winning teams.

Bollywood Dance Workshop explores the colour the moves, the sounds and the flare of the movies, where your team become the stars of the show.

How it works / options: A professional Bollywood Dance instructor decked up in a vibrant Indian costume will come to your location to conduct a Bollywood workshop that will have your team moving like Bollywood stars! Bollywood Dance Workshop explores the color the moves, the sounds and the flare of the movies, where your team become the stars of the show. We offer a few options, including allowing teams to produce, act and create a Bollywood Movie, with a dance scene. Teams are supplied costumes and briefs, and with time and instructions / tuition the teams have to create a 2-3 minute Bollywood themed movie…later each team presents the creation to the audience.

Colorful Indian scarves, bindis and bangles may be provided for small groups to help everyone get into character. Teambuilding Australia facilitates the whole session and provides all equipment and props, instructors and coaches. The show is live…and can also be videoed to be screen at night. Awards and prizes are ‘bling’ and included in the event.

– This activity is a fantastic ice-breaker for in-house training sessions or your next conference. Energetic team based activity that gets the team laughing but also co-ordinates collaboration to put on a team show. With the group put into teams they learn from an instructor the moves and roles to create a Bollywood show.
– Suitable for both men and women of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. Fun and engaging plus the option to create a movie.

Bollywood Team Building dance workshops – excite your team with creative flare, colour and passion! As us how we can add color and flare to your next team-building event: CLICK HERE


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