Brush Strokes

Brush strokesAdd a splash of colour to your team building event. Accommodates any group size and location, 2 to 3 hours duration.

See your team come alive with colour and creativity in Brush Strokes! This unique creative team building experience encourages your team to learn, bond, and grow while creating something enduring. Facilitated at any location, from Corporate HQ, to outside in the park gardens – inspiration not only comes from the team, but the topic and location adds to the end results.

Brush strokes, Australian art and crafts exercises.Brush Strokes Creative Team Building Activities allows every team member to be creative and express their visual

skills through artwork. We include everything from drop sheets to waterproof ponchos to protect delegates clothes. Everything is bio and recyclable, all products used are re-useable. Supplied are the artist in situ – to assist teams in creative flow and ideas, plus add a few pointers if people get stuck.

Anything is possible from a teams vision, its core values or simply a whacky concept.

Create a vision and then paint your journey, team core values, or how you want to be identified. Brush Strokes allows any team to work through creative synergy. Guided by our facilitators, your team works together to design and paint an impressive masterpiece that embodies the heart of your team in a fun, meaningful, and creative way. Working in small groups every one participates and contributes to the process.



Brush strokes team building exercise.

Options include individuals working on their own canvas or in teams on large frames. Each work becomes part of a whole art work, or can be used as individual features.

Teambuilding Australia designs and tailors our Art programs unique to every client, factoring in location, timeframe, group size and outcomes. Facilitated by professional corporate trainers with experience in group interaction and team development, please let us know how we can create an art program unique to your people, teams and business.  CLICK HERE

Creative Team Building Activity

Brush Strokes creative team building
Brush Strokes creative team building

Brush Strokes Art team buildingArt team events SydneyBrush Strokes creative team activities


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