Build A Flat Pack Team Building Activity

The Build a Flat Pack Team Building Activity – is a really unique team-building event that combines an opportunity for your staff to hone skills like communication, creativity, leadership and teamwork, with a chance to give back to their local community.

From office equipment, new kitchen units, furniture, play equipment and garden seating.

This team building event starts by the formation of several different teams depending on the size of your group. The objective for teams is to find, and build a fully functioning piece of furniture. The problem for them though is that they have no parts…YET! What works well, is that a theme is built in – such as The Apprentice, or a Quality Control aspect, that way teams need to follow a briefing and also adhere to the rules in order to win.

The parts for all of the Furniture must be earned through the completion of different challenges, which can be designed to meet any and all of your objectives for your team. These challenges vary, from classic race against the clock, or team problems, where teams vs teams are rewarded for their results – the more you win the more info you get. Once all pieces have been collected, the building of the furniture can begin.

Once all the teams have completed their quality checks, where possible the children / or centre staff will be brought in, and your teams will each get to give their newly built equipment to a needy cause. Teams present their Quality Control inspected furniture or play equipment to children in need from a selected children’s charity. eg: Unicef, Make A Wish, Stuart House, Save The Children, Starlight Foundation, Red Kite, Smith Family, Salvation Army, Barnados, Camp Quality or Red Cross???

* Facilitated Brainstorming
* Planning & Problem Solving
* Communicating effectively as a team
* Collaborate efficiently – hands on.
* Identifying and utilising strengths of team members
* Incorporating & developing unique talents, passions and skills.
* Have teams work together, accomplishing more for the community in which we live.
* Enjoying excellent fun in a worthwhile team building process.
* Timings from 2-4hrs to suit requirements in conference entrees, outdoors or board rooms.

This creates a very powerful experience for your staff, one that they’ll remember, and in turn, will help them to remember all that they learned during this team building event for a long time to come!



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