Casino Royale

Roll the dice… pay the price. A fun evening event that accommodates 20 to 1000 people in Casino Royale.


Roulette, poker, bingo, blackjack, wheel of fortune, and Xbox games, Team Building Australia has everything you need to create your very own casino. Teams are pitted against each other, with the team who has the most chips by the end taking top prize. Team Building Australia provides poker chips, a professional MC, staff, DJs, and actors in order to make your casino night a success.

Casino Royale by Team Building Australia is one of the most competitive yet engaging evening team events, where everyone has a chance to win and nobody looses. the excitement builds up before the introduction as teams can see the set up, the tables the croupiers ready for action, to deal or spin the wheels, throw the dice.
The night takes many twists, but every teams has an allocation of cash, choosing to place bets on numerous games. The finale 10 minutes of the Casino, sees the stacks raised, minimum bets increased and all in, to win the prize.



You can make this event even more exciting by including it as part of a trivia or amazing race program, and cap off a successful conference with an activity that your group will talk about for ages. We have access to tables and facilities to host 1000 pax in an event.

Casino Nights Team Building – Teambuilding Australia – Sydney


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