City Scramble

The City Scramble race a chance to win and build your team to succeed.

Amazing Race - City Scramble

Amazing Race style activities are great way to get your team out and about, no matter the location. From CBD to rural locations, using public transport to hire cars, there are many options to include in the team event. The ultimate team building race, City Scramble is an exciting company event that is designed around any location and time frame.

The group is divided into teams, with a kick-off activity to get the teams competitive and a race to the 1st clue. Teams receive backpacks with poncho’s, sunscreen, maps, pens and paper, plus the first set of instructions.

The choice of activities and locations range from creative to sports, problem solving to mind games. As the day goes on, the scores add up and the winning team emerges. The Amazing Race takes teams on a journey to points that they may not have visited prior, and each point has a challenge or task to complete. The entire event is time based, must work quickly in order to come out on top.

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City Scramble Amazing Race team building Activity

Team Building Australia includes everything you need to have a successful Amazing Race, including instructions, maps, backpacks, equipment, cameras, staff and prizes.
Team building Activity info:

Location: Anywhere

Duration: From 45mins to a whole day

Teams: 4-8 pax per team

Prizes: Included and a selection available.

App: WhatsApp or Twitter, Google Maps and Facebook

 City Scramble Team Building Event

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