Cocktail Hour

A fun cocktail creation team exercise.

Are you looking for a program that is totally creative, engages ever one and is a memorable teambuilding experience? Cocktail Hour is one of the most interactive and enjoyable evening team events that everyone loves to try, taste and celebrate.

Are you ready to move your teams to another level of group inter action? Would you like your team members to have a greater awareness of their potential? Cocktail Hour is the perfect solution to incorporate at the end of a corporate workshop or in a conference retreat, maybe as a christmas function, before a Gala Dinner, or simply as a stand alone program. Note, we also use non- alcoholic mixes so no issue about enjoying yourself too much.

This is a Generation Game-style event with the experts showing you the way before participants get the chance to try their own hand at flair bartending, mixology, and sampling the results! Each group has the opportunity to show their talent and create a memorable group performance for all to enjoy.

Cocktail Hour is a fun and exciting event which fits perfectly into evening events. Our DJ spins a few old favourites, while teams spin a few bottles for fantastic results!

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