Commercial Break

Take a Commercial Break – A two hour (or more) Creative Fun Team Building Activity.

Picture it, your team is an advertising agency, tasked with creating an entertaining, informative commercial campaign that highlights your companies services and products. Choose from creating a TV commercial to include values or key clients, all is possible in this Creative Fun Team Building Activity.

Team Building Australia will provide everything you need, from costumes, props, make-up, music, sound effects and even actors. Each team decides the roles they will allocate, such as director, producer, sound tech, etc. Teams need to create, in a very short time span, a tv commercial that meets the criteria set by a tender document.

Creatively take ownership of the conference theme and apply it to film
Promote your companies products and work out what really matters through the eyes of your customer
Collaborate and work in an inspirational learning environment
Be bold and imaginative (think outside the square)
Have a huge amount of personal satisfaction in seeing their creative effort recognized by their peers
Be intellectually and physically engaged where there are roles for everyone

The Pitch Teambuilding Activity

The beauty is that all can take part and no location too hard, Worldwide! We come to you. The Commercial Break  is run any day or night, we recommend minimum of 2 hours duration to get true outcomes, plus a night session, in a private arena, for awards and presentation.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see just how creative your team can be, as well as helping them better understand the company they work for. Fast-paced, creative, and incredibly fun you can conclude this team event by displaying the finished campaigns and then have a judging and awards ceremony. Contact Us – for a full proposal on this activity.

 “Once again a special thanks to you and your team for invigorating and helping us to reinvigorate our Core Values” Snooze 2018

The TV Commercials program is great way to anchor collaboration with a customer.

Commercial TV team building activity
Have some fun linking business topics to a fun filled challenge

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