Conference Teambuilding Programs


Conference Teambuilding Programs and Team Building activities are our core business.


Many of our conference / meeting team building programs can, given the correct environment, run either indoors or outdoors, or even a mix of the two. The main factor is our ability to adapt and change activities around to address a clients conference outcomes. Over the years we have managed and MC’d many workshops, meetings and conferences, so we know a format that works for all attending. Getting the message across, in the right way is important, ask us how we can add value into your next event.

Interactive sessions in a conference that anchor a theme or assist content delivery create a conference that engages the participants, builds the team and also leaves a message. Our programs assist in ‘binding’ the whole conference sessions, so the overall experience is powerful.

Teambuilding Australia’s team building activities, in general, are a fantastic way to anchor themes of your conference or add energy to a team building event. The following events can all run indoors to a conference group of any size: The Team Apprentice, Hollywood Movies, The Pitch, Good to Great, Pirates Dilemma and our favourite Game Show Mania. Our conference Programs are easy to tailor around location, group size, budget and time.

Contact us direct to request a free appraisal on how we can add a WOW to your conference.

Key Components of a successful conference teambuilding program:

  • Energy – and engagement of the audience
  • Involving the theme to anchor to.
  • Fun and passion from the facilitators
  • Keep the outcomes to a few key points
  • Have a back up – weather or change in times
  • Executing the Objectives successfully
  • Team Motivation always a winner.

Teambuilding activities

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