Corporate Team Building activities

Corporate Team Building activities

Over the past 12 to 18 months we have found teams looking more at less time to invest, but wanting the same outcomes. OK not impossible, but creating the solution not only tested our team, but also our time span. So, into action we stepped, trialling some great new, quick, effective and yet engaging team-building activities.

We discovered a few team building activities from USA, great fun and so in-depth, that we were able to adapt to our local Australian clients. Team building needs to be engaging, fast paced, laughs and yet a key learning linking in.

Pirates Dilema was our creation, a game were teams assume they are competing, yet the solution lies in teams actually cooperating, this was the win win makes the results greater. Teams interact, plan and strategise throughout the 2 hour game, played indoors, on round tables in a conference room etc. Teams have to plan and chart a voyage int othe oceans that lasts 18 months, each month costs food and water, yet rewards are achieved if the reach a key location.

To sum up – greed and competition take over – teams are ruthless and will want to win at any costs, not realising that they are in fact part of the greater team…A Fleet of ships on the same journey.

Team Building doesn’t just mean teams learn form successes, in a race, quiz or games etc. True learning also comes from understanding the principles of what the purpose is, values and greater goal.

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