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customer focusRemember People do Business with People!

Customer Service Role Play – This is a specialized program designed for teams that deal with customers.

Our communications expert puts teams through a rigorous and entertaining series of exercises to hone their customer relation skills. Mock situations are established and analyzed by the group in order to focus on the variety of techniques that need to be employed to achieve effective customer service. Can your team build rapport with the customer and win the business.
All customers are not the same. By studying typical scenarios and unusual personal experiences we detail the skills required to adapt to each unique situation. Listening, Observing, Respecting and Conversing form the basis while the advanced program covers Profiling and Dispute Resolution.

Suitable for any group size from 2 to 200, this program is an essential addition to any customer service training and development curriculum. We use a few games to test teams in their approach to a customers requirements. Groups tend to focus on selling the product and not understanding the true needs of the customer.

If you are considering sessions on Customers, all consider Fish Philosophy, Good to Great and Customer Centricity. The Apprentice activity also a great anchor of teams working to win a customers business, partnering with the customer at all levels.

Customer experience and support training activities Ask us about our sales and customer service team building activities and training workshops.

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