Customer Connections

Customer Connections is the ultimate test in a teams ability to focus on the one thing we need…happy and content customers.

Team ConnectionsWe all have customers – internal or external, we have to make sure we deliver on time, on budget and yet, still making sure the quality is what is expected of us. We explore some great team performance indicators in this activity, from collaboration vs competition, communication when appropriate, planning to succeed as a one team outcome, and ongoing review process.

In this creative fast paced team building activity, teams have to build a delivery process, using equipment supplied to connect to a customer. The materials range from piping, tubes, ladder, bamboo poles, tape, string and cord. Each team is given a section of area, similar to a country or an internal department in a business. The objective in the time and size of areas provided is that each team must co-operate to construct a platform that allows goods to be transported from team through team to a customer waiting for the delivery – can the team connect with the customer and still keep quality and time in clear sight.

Great activity for 1 hour at a conference or training seminar workshop as it breaks up the days agenda to re-align teams to the basics in customer service and delivery. Everyone is involved in making sure the customer is satisfied with delivery and performance, crossing borders, aligning process management is adhered too and above all else – performance is monitored and tracked.

Generally teams struggle in any environment, from business, sports at schools or even in the community, when they do not follow an agreed and understood process. In fact many consultants point at process miss-management as a leading factor in teams not achieving success. So this engaging hands on team building activity, not only is fun and creative, but actually illustrates the importance of teams creating, communicating, understanding and following a process to succeed.

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A hands on activity – run anywhere, any time and at any location. With equipment provided and set rules, teams have to operate across silos to deliver on time, on budget. Each zone is teamed managed with different resources, yet all teams have the same objectives and reward. Teambuilding Australia’s Customer Connections interactive program explores how well teams deliver to our customers needs and wants.

Team ConnectionsTeam Connections

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