Deciding on a Team Building Event

Deciding on a Team Building Event

We often here clients ideas and suggestions on what they are wanting in a team building program. Many team events start off with a concept, great as they are, sometimes they just miss the target of what works in building the teams. Here are some great tips in getting your event right:

Set goals, be organised and manage expectations within the time you have allocated.

Do your research and set a budget, be realistic.

Communicate a sense of excitement, a theme, competition, with good lead up time.

Get out of the office – don’t need to be far, or extravagant.

Get help and consider bringing in the experts.

Consult – know your people and what they like, look at new ideas

Challenge people within their abilities, then expand.

Avoid clichés

Consider a theme to make it memorable

Have fun!

If in doubt – contact Teambuilding Australia. All programs are ‘bespoke’ to clients locations, time, budget and of course fitness abilities – after 12 years experience, these factors are essential in consideration in success.

All team building events are proven to be a hit! If you are particularly interested in any of the concepts please let me know and we can forward you a detailed proposal. Our suggestion would be to look at options, discuss with your team and address outcomes, objectives and also to get an understanding of how providers operate, ideally we can partner to get the best result for your event.

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