Earn as much as you can

Earn as much as you can during this 1 hour activity that accommodates any size group.


This powerful activity provides an up close and personal lesson regarding the responsibility and the consequences of our actions, and how choices impact teaming dynamics and trust. looking the importance of a teams values and how they trust discussions made before actions.

A powerful and fun activity that anchors the importance of values and their impact on team behaviour and performance, this is a perfect activity to encourage teams to work together as well as teaching the importance of maintaining integrity and trust.

Perfect for teams wanting to understand the importance of one direction – one goal. Earn as much as you can is a leading team synergy game that discovers the importance of a teams values and the power of win win for all. Through a number of rounds teams have to make a decision, based on their decision the team will either earn or loose, plus their action could cause another team to win or loose – but it every teams cooperates, they all win.

What sets this activity apart from so many other games or other management activities is the linkage to a clients values and directions. The game has a powerful address to the participants about trust, behaviours and group dynamics.

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Team Synergy Game Earn as much as you can anchors the importance of companies values and a win win outcome for all.

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