Can your team survive an Earthquake?

Earthquake is designed to promote group problem solving consensus decision-making and an understanding of group dynamics. It is a simulation exercise that asks participants to first solve the problem individually and then as a group making agreed decisions. A rich and rewarding synergistic team activity where teams must choose how to survive in an Earthquake.

Participants are asked to respond to the following storyline:
You and some coworkers are in the basement library of your downtown office building finishing a presentation for a meeting the next morning. The building shakes violently. There has been a major earthquake. You begin to pick yourselves up and assess the damage…

Participants determine appropriate action steps to ensure their survival in order of importance as well as those that should be avoided. The scores are then compared against an expert ranking and demonstrate that effective teams generally produce better outcomes than individuals alone (synergy).


From the results based on individuals versus a team score, we can facilitate how teams would have managed in an Earthquake situation, compared how as teams, they would be better in the situation. Illustrates the importance of clear communication and making a decision on a group decision, individuals learn to let go and assess a problem as a cohesive group. When we all share the same risk, we need to be a team.

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