FISH Philosophy Learnings

Has your team been exposed to the FISH Philosophy?

The FISH! Philosophy is a set of simple, practical tools to help you create the work culture you’ve been looking for. Its a way to build stronger relationships that equip you to face your challenges more effectively.

The FISH! Philosophy fulfills the most basic needs of human beings who, in turn, fulfill the needs of the organisation ?more connected teams, better communication, extraordinary service and higher retention.

FISH! Culture will help you to:
Create a more engaged and alive workplace
ncrease productivity and reduce employee turnover
Encourage imagination and creativity and infuse a fun-filled spirit
Inspire others to own their choice of attitudes
Build trust and improve communications and relationships in the workplace

The FISH Philosophy is a customer service approach that was developed by a group of employees at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. The philosophy is based on four principles: Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude. Here are some of the key learnings from the FISH Philosophy:

  1. Creating a positive workplace culture: The FISH Philosophy emphasizes the importance of creating a positive workplace culture where employees feel engaged, motivated, and supported. By embracing a positive attitude and focusing on fun, employees can create a more enjoyable work environment.
  2. Putting customers first: The FISH Philosophy also emphasizes the importance of putting customers first. By being present, playful, and making an effort to create a positive experience, employees can build strong customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Fostering teamwork: The FISH Philosophy encourages teamwork and collaboration, with employees working together to support each other and provide excellent service. By focusing on the needs of the team and working together towards common goals, employees can build stronger working relationships and achieve better results.
  4. Improving communication: The FISH Philosophy emphasizes clear and effective communication, with employees actively listening and responding to customer needs. This can help to improve customer satisfaction, build trust, and create a more positive customer experience.
  5. Choosing a positive attitude: One of the key principles of the FISH Philosophy is choosing a positive attitude, even in challenging situations. By maintaining a positive and optimistic mindset, employees can overcome obstacles, build resilience, and create a more positive work environment.

To learn more about the FISH Philosophy and its applications in customer service, teamwork, and workplace culture, check out these resources:


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