Game show mania

Mix of all the classic rounds, creative, brain testers, snakes and ladders etc

What makes this teambuilding activity stand out is that our Game Show Mania Trivia Challenge is unique and individual to every client :

Makes the evening a memorable event.
It’s entertaining, and fun for every one in the room, up beat.
Has many team building challenges for everyone to be engaged.
An activity which fosters camaraderie and group spirit.
Any group size – large or small.
Options include fantastic finale.
Fit into your time frame.
Lifts energy into your conference or workshop.
Makes the dinner more than just a meal.
Social and interactive.
Makes the entertainment a focal point for the evening.

Evening team building event.

It is a well-known that everybody enjoys a trivia quiz and this is particularly true of our interactive game show style Trivia: phenomenally successful for any type of group, it can incorporate any required themes, shaping them around your requirements.

Teambuilding Australia’s game shows are a combination of all the best interactive participation games you’ve ever played – and one or two that you haven’t!

As with Trivia nights, we have a series of rounds that teams compete over.These can operate in order, or we have multiple rounds running at once. The MC runs the show with a mix of theatre and also banter, groups are usually having dinner / drinks and a good time to start is as Mains at dinner is being taken away, prior to desert.

We have teams creating and building objects, such as the tailest tower from straws, guessing objects, picrture round, music, history, who am I etc. TV video quizz, hedge your bets etc.

Perfect at a dinner or after work, 20 pax plus, 2 hours, anywhere, any location.

CARLSON WAGONLIT TRAVEL say ‘this was one of the best nights activities we have had at a conference…man thanks Teambuilding Australia’

Game Show Mania

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