Get Team Building Right

Get Team Building Right

There are so many benefits that are garnered from team building activities that sometimes the organizers forget that things can sometimes not flow according to the original plan. It is important for human resource representatives to be prepared for anything, even if that means discontinuing an event, in case something happens that ruins the atmosphere. This can and does happen, and will hamper any future attempts at team building Melbourne ideas, so facilitators need to know how to handle such issues, repair the damage and determine whether or not to continue with the activities for the day.

Evaluate the Problem and the Get Team Building Right

Naturally, not every issue that arises will be devastating to the team building ideas that were planned for the day. Sometimes, it is a person with a perpetually negative attitude. This negative energy can certainly bring down the whole group and make people feel very uncomfortable sharing any insight or ideas with the class. Team building Melbourne will not tolerate any disrespectful language or actions toward fellow employees. If this were to occur, the individual or individuals involved would be asked to leave the group.

Discuss With the Group

Whenever any uncomfortable or unexpected event occurs, it is important to address it openly. Unless the information was confidential or of a harassing or discriminatory nature, it should be discussed so people have a chance to respond and air their feelings. This is actually a team building event within itself and can encourage truthful discussion. The honest conversations make people immediately feel better about the whole situation and also help avoid workplace secrets, gossip and other private discussions that may be inaccurate. These harmful after effects can further damage the workplace environment.

Determine Next Steps

In some extreme cases, additional follow up may be required. This could be something the facilitator chooses to schedule during the same day or in the future. There may be reason to invite a member of management to join the group discussion or determine the appropriate action for individuals involved in the dissent. In the cases of more serious interruptions, the facilitator should take a vote of all attendees to determine if the day should continue as planned so that the team building ideas can still be effective. Due to the possibility of peer pressure, the vote should be completely anonymous. In most cases, employees are motivated to continue with the exercises and the remainder of the day will still be successful and yield the expected results.


The Daily Telegraph in the UK published a great article on Team Building.

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