Good to Great Teamwork

Good to great teamwork

Good to Great Teamwork: An addictive, fun-filled game that illustrates high performance teamwork in action!

A huge energetic, competitive team building activity that illustrates the power of ‘positive reenforcement’ on team mates, A one hour plus session suitable for 20 to 2000 people. Good to Great is the best teamwork activity to wake up any team. Fun and educational, this fast-paced activity ignites a teams drive.

‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.’ Michael Jordan

Thinking of a guest speaker to anchor a keynote session – think again! Good to Great Teamwork is the best team activity to wake up any team. An event like no other – loud, competitive, financial rewarding and anchors key learning’s through group participation.

Good to Great Teamwork. This high energy team building activity will energize any group, and create a room of champions team mates. Through a series of rounds teams, must earn $, by competing in a giant indoor version of target ball – but using bean bags and a score mat. Teams play a game on giant score mat and through progressive 2 minute rounds they skilfully toss bean bags into a score zone. The rounds progresses, with teams charting their performance, and as they get used to the game the bar is raised to see which team has what it takes.

Good to Great is a book by Jim Collins that explores the attributes and practices of companies that make the transition from being good to becoming great. The book is based on extensive research and analysis of companies that showed a sustained pattern of high performance over a period of at least 15 years, compared to their industry peers. Here are some of the key takeaways from Good to Great:

  1. Level 5 Leadership: The most successful companies had a “Level 5” leader, who had a combination of personal humility and professional will, and put the needs of the company ahead of their own personal ego or interests.
  2. First Who, Then What: Great companies focused on getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats before deciding on strategy or direction. They recognized that having the right people in the organization is critical to achieving long-term success.
  3. Confront the Brutal Facts: Great companies confronted the reality of their situation and avoided wishful thinking or irrational optimism. They were able to face the facts and make tough decisions when necessary.
  4. The Hedgehog Concept: Great companies had a clear understanding of what they were passionate about, what they could be best in the world at, and what would drive their economic engine. This helped them to stay focused and avoid distractions.
  5. Culture of Discipline: Great companies had a culture of discipline, where they focused on consistent, disciplined action, while avoiding bureaucracy and unnecessary hierarchy.
  6. Technology Accelerators: Great companies used technology as an accelerator of their strategies, rather than a replacement for them. They used technology to enhance their existing strengths and build new ones.

Overall, Good to Great provides valuable insights for leaders and managers seeking to build a high-performance organization that can sustain long-term success. By focusing on these key principles and practices, companies can develop a clear sense of purpose, build a strong team, and stay focused on their core strengths while adapting to changing conditions.

Indoors is ideal. Perfect as a keynote session Рbetter than any guest speaker!

GOOD TO GREAT Teamwork is powerful – contact us today for more info.


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