High Ropes Adventures

Get your team excited with the ultimate experience on the High Ropes Adventures at Fairmont Adventure Park, Blue Mountains NSW, climbing towers and more…

High Ropes Adventures
The Climbing Tower Challenge awaits the brave

Looking for something new, exciting and safe, with twist of adrenaline adventure that all your team members can participate in? then look no further than the amazing new High Ropes Adventures at  Fairmont Adventure park, Blue Mountains NSW. 

Fairmont Adventure Park doesn’t get any closer to the Blue Mountains than this but don’t worry, there’s absolutely no chance you’ll fall in! Our bush tree top experience in Leura, Blue Mountains, making for a Team Building adventure opportunity like no other in the area.

Just 90 mins from Sydney, our team experience awaits an adrenaline fuelled and action packed high ropes expedition ideal for teams of all sizes.

And, for the crazy thrill seekers in the team, they won’t even blink at our Black Run Course – higher up you go, as you’ll be fully immersed in the pursuit to conquer some of our longest and highest crossings for a full 90 min experience.

Our friendly instructors are ready and waiting to propel the team into a leafy world of canopies too, including bridges and wires, plus our 3 level climbing tower that guarantees a motivation vibe across the tree tops in the Blue Mountains. So Be bold, be daring, and blitz your senses across the ultimate high ropes course in the Blue Mountains. And don’t forget to unleash your inner adventurer and experience The Blue Mountains from the best view… High up in the trees!

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  • Designed for adults
  • Those over 1.4 metres and 10 years old are welcome – for every two 10-15 year olds, one adult (18+ year old) is required for supervision
  • 16 and 17 year olds can supervise themselves but not others
  • Max weight: 20.5 stone (130kg)

The Adventure course starts with teams experiencing some team challenges at ground level (15/30 minutes). This adds value in letting the team discover the areas of concern and comfort. Moving to the lower ropes (The Blue Course), the team discovers the skills and management they’ll need to accomplish the objectives.

The Higher Ropes (The Black Course) now acts as learning, great for strategy and planning identification, sales confidence, trust and delivery – for if you know the system is safe and your team mates are supporting at all levels, what is holding you back? Also include our NEW game The Wild Goose Chase as part of the days challenge…

High Ropes Adventures

Why do groups do the course?
  • To refocus your passion and motivations.
  • To remind you of the risk taking capabilities you had…when you were a kid!
  • To set new personal goals, team goals, business goals and standards.
  • To have fun in a safe managed environment.
  • To awaken team capabilities – building team work.

Adventure team building

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