Hit Squads

Hit Squads is a Fun Filled Charitable Team Building Event

Looking for a great team building activity that has awesome ROI – then Community Hit Squads is the best Fun Filled Charitable Team Building Event!

Hit Squads team building event is a rewarding experience as teams have no clues about what they are to experience. A great event that last way beyond the actual experience.
Principally a group is divided into teams, each team is allocated a task, to cooperate with a local charity and deliver a service. This ranges from painting a building, running a trivia or bingo challenge at a home, build a shelter or kids play yard, dig plants or a garden, work in a community centre, drive a visitors excursion, teach at a primary school.
Teams are then awarded points on their performance and co-operation in the task, judged by the actual people they served, could be a soup kitchen or meals on wheels. Everything is arranged prior, logistics and charities aligned, plus judges are given key criteria to monitor and evaluate team performance, engagement and satisfaction.
What sets this activity apart from many others is that teams are actually hands on for the experience, really contributing and making a difference in the community. Teams have worked the school kitchen, facilitated sports days, run a bingo challenge and painted a community centre.

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