Hollywood movie making teambuilding

Hollywood Movie Making team event

Funny things happen when you give a bunch of work colleagues a video camera and some costumes. Divas come out of the woodwork, hidden talents are revealed, guys jump into dresses and wigs like they have always wanted to and the normally quiet unassuming ones find themselves behaving like they never thought they would. Spectacles are transformed into alien antennae, suit jackets are reversed to become straight jackets and the Wonder Woman outfit always gets a good workout – more often than not it is stretched well beyond its petite parameters by big burly blokes who you could never call bashful.

It truly is a delight to witness corporate teams indulging in some childlike playtime, coming out of their shells, forging fresh relationships and gaining greater insights into each other. And that’s just the start of the benefits of a movie making program. Colleagues spending time with each other outside of the usual work context is an essential part of creating a happy and successful team. It is very important for workmates to see each other as more than just the job they perform and the personality they display in the workplace. Complete and well rounded relationships need down time – a chance for people to see other sides to the people they work with and have some fun together.

A shared laugh, an ‘in’ joke or an hilarious blooper are potent experiences that bond groups immeasurably. And it is no secret that a happy team is a more productive team. Then there’s the professional development aspects. What’s more valuable than instilling key themes or messages into your staff than doing so in a dynamic and fun way? You could have a meeting or send out a memo but that’s not much fun. Incorporating important themes or messages into a movie making program is a fantastic technique to get a team engaged with the content memorably.

Whether it’s a safety issue, a new company structure or the fundamental values of your business, the message is going to sink in a lot better if you invite the recipients to play with the ideas in their own way. Making a silly movie about superheroes defending the values of your company, wizards concocting magical potions to transform executives into perfect leaders or a crack team of forensic experts uncovering the secrets to quality control, will have a team grappling with the concepts you want them to be thinking about while they create some wonderful memories together.

It’s like a melting pot of benefits when a group does one of our movie making programs. All participants walk away with fresh perceptions of themselves and each other, they get to let their hair down (or do it up) and play together, they create lasting memories immortalised on film and they take on board crucial information that can have far-reaching advantages in the workplace. That is why ‘Making Movies – Lights, Camera, Action!’ is one of our most popular products and why many teams keep coming back for more.

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