How Does Team Building Affect the Bottom Line

Some skeptics still doubt or question the effectiveness of employee training, continuing education and team building exercises as a matter of business productivity enhancers. Of course this line of thinking does not make sense for those who know the benefits of having satisfied employees working in an office. Team building ideas have been around for centuries, in almost every culture in the world. They may have called it something different, but every civilization has some form of community involvement and ways to encourage people to work well together. We are no longer a group of independent hunters and gatherers, but today we are all working toward a greater harvest of efficiency, productivity and profitability. Team building Sydney helps many businesses improve their reputation and bottom line; the results are clear. How Does Team Building Affect the Bottom Line.

Customer Service

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with an exceptionally friendly customer service representative knows that job satisfaction is an important part of the way companies do business with each other and the public. Team building exercises encourage communication among employees and throughout multiple layers of management. When employees feel important and know that their comments are considered valuable, they are more likely to participate in workplace functions and offer viable means for improvement. Additionally, the attitude people feel about their company, whether positive or negative, comes across in their interactions with their customers. If they love their job, they will protect it and look for the best possible way to represent their company to the public. However, employees who dislike or resent their actual job or the other employees are likely to present that negative image to the public. This can be damaging in many ways. The company reputation could be soiled, and the employee may be inclined to steal or allow merchandise to leave the company without being paid for by a customer. In rare cases, dissatisfied employees could threaten malicious behavior against the company or individuals.

One Bad Apple

The old adage that one bad apple will spoil the whole bunch is absolutely correct. Just one negative employee can start rumors, spark distrust between employees and cause others to disrespect management. While team building ideas will not immediately solve these worst case scenarios, they will help management identify any bad apples, and regular exercises will keep employees from becoming so dissatisfied that they even think of these things. Either way, team building is crucial for happy employees and healthy corporations.

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