How we can help your team

Help with your team with team building.

A team is a group of people working towards a common goal. Employees with good teambuilding skills can work more efficiently and effectively ‘ so you get better results. We offer fun and engaging activities to inspire your group and teach them how to work together, and what they can achieve.

Besides improving your group’s team work and co-operation skills, Team Building Australia offers fun and exciting events that can reward your employees for a job well done, or break up a long conference session and get employees back on board.

Program Design.

In consultation with the client, we aim to develop a program that targets your needs and fits your agenda, goals, and budget. Flexibility, individuality, and creativity are important parts of our program design.

We have created and designed many programs to meet the unique requirements of our clients, and follow a defined program design to ensure maximum results and satisfaction. We are constantly updating our products and portfolio of team activities, so we will always aim to offer a choice of options..

Program Design Phases Include:

  • Pre program consultation and assessment to gather information about your goals and objectives.
  • Scope design with consideration to location, time factors and attributes of delegates.
  • Create a program idea and co-ordinate to meet your group requirements.
  • Deliver the program at your chosen location
  • Post program evaluation and review to determine the outcomes and achievement of goals.

Fee Structure.

All events take into consideration pre-planning, pre-work designs and logistical support. Fees are calculated in consultation with client requirements, and are fully inclusive of preparation, planning, professional indemnity, pre-course meetings, as well as full delivery of the program.
The fee we quote is the fee you will pay ‘ no more, and no less.

Our YouTube video illustrates our approaches to team events. And feel free to CONTACT US for more assistance.

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