Inside Edition

Lights, Camera, Action, all is revealed on live TV… A fantastic interactive team building activity that is based on the popular TV show.

Inside Edition is the most creative team training program that builds cohesion in groups to understand about team performance and delivery to success.

Your team challenge is to be the producers and the stars, each team will need to create and produce a segment of the show! Editors then paste the various clips and footage together, with the hosts presenting a live show at night.

From Sydney to Melbourne, Canberra or Perth, no location is too hard.

Everyone in the team has a role to play from production, props, make up, camera work, and presentation so everyone can make a contribution.

The production can include as many aspects of your company business in it, and the goal is to present information in the most hilarious and creative fashion possible. From tag lines, products, and characters there is no boundary to your imagination.

This incredibly fun team building event allows your people to let their talents shine, and be the stars of the event. You can link this event seamlessly to an evening program, where the show goes to air and each team`s pieces are shown. Even include judging and awards ceremonies to reward your team`s efforts.

‘Feedback was excellent! Comments such as the best teambuilding ever, were common’ 3M Sydney HEALTHCARE 2013

Team Movie Making, Creative Teambuilding


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