Lights Camera Action

One of the best creative and fun team building activities – your team gets to create a Hollywood Movie!

Teambuilding Australia delivers a premiere team movie programs which includes all the bells and whistles. As one of the first creators of the ‘movie program’ in Australia, many have copied the concept, but no one has equalled the delivery, detail and content of Teambuilding Australia’s program.¬†Lights Camera Action is your team ready to star, proceed, shoot and edit a blockbuster movie or tv commercial?

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The program is not location dependent.
All physical abilities can partake.
Not weather dependent.
Fully tailored to your companies requests.
A two part program that takes care of the pm or evening headaches…
Interactive in both the making and the screening session.

Each team is given a genre, key points to incorporate, all costumes, expert training and time to create a 3-5 minute movie. Everything you need to make a fantastic mini-moving is included, even make-up, music, sound effects and actors.

Great Movie genres / scripts that we can offer, included costumes and themes etc: James Bond, Mission Impossible, Austin Powers, Charlie’s Angels, Horror, Great Escape, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Flintstones, The Wizard of OZ, Batman and Robin, Classic Western and many more…

Participants enjoy teamwork and collaboration through fun innovation, networking and also the laughs!
This is an unforgettable team building experience that can be incorporated into your conference or event with the viewing of the finished movies, judging, and awards ceremony.

Any location
Any time frame from 1 hour
Great for a conference or product launch etc.

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