Market Share

Market share activity

Market Share® is a team building game of skill and chance that engages each team in building their own business by acquiring business resources and customers to generate income and to amass the most profit throughout the game. The winner is the team who has earned and invested the most and whose total is the highest.

market share team building game
The best indoor competitive team based activity

From 45 minutes to 90 minutes – this indoors game is flexible around facilitation outcomes and has scope to include additional key learning’s and sessions. Perfect as an on-site training game, or as part of a conference / workshop. Ideally for groups sizes from 10 pax to 100 pax. Market Share is an interactive team-building activity that explores strategy and risk in teams. Indoors and ideal as a conference or workshop learning activity.

Market Share® is based around each team developing their business operating in the real life market place. Teams battle it out to gain market share in a market of 64 companies. Each team is competing to sell their services to these potential customers.

The aim is to create more wealth and a more valuable business than your rival teams. Your business starts out as a Small Operation and will grow throughout the game into a large international company doing business with the giants. Through changing circumstances, teams balance risk vs strategy.

Teams are given a series of cards, such as risk or bonus cards, a team sheet, rule booklet, ledger and an inventory on the business and their Return on Investment. In the allotted time, each team is given the opportunity to grow their customer base. The facilitator takes on the role as a ‘Auditor’ who administers the game, allocates rewards and collects payments, plus audits teams if required! Teambuilding Australia fully manage and staff the event allowing teams to offer feedback and self-debrief, adding points of observation.

The game board is made up of 64 companies. These companies represent the market place and are all teams potential customers within the game. Each team will be competing to acquire as many of the profitable customers as they can throughout the game.

collaborative teamAs teams acquire new customers, they will record the Net Monthly Income on the team sheet. The more customers you have and the higher the customer income, the greater your income will grow. Risk management, insurance and business continuity are a big part of any business and it is an area that you need to pay attention to.

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