Murder on the Menu

A memorable night of fun and drama that involves every one in a suspenseful whodunnit murder

The group is immersed in an unforgettable whodunit and each person is a murder suspect who is treated to a colorful, entertaining night of drama and suspense that is interspersed through your evening meal. One of the most exciting and nail biting evening team building activities in Australia is Murder on the Menu, a thrilling night of who did it.

Teambuilding Australia can supply costumes and props to make the event even more memorable. We direct and facilitate the nights program and work with the group to hook them into the story line and the characters so that as a Murder Mystery Guest you are treated to the crime of your life.

Options can include each group pre the dinner night is sent the required attire to be brought for the evening, which left to participants imagination always lends itself to an excellent atmosphere. Each group is a suspect and each group has a motive and a deep dark secret.

Teambuilding Australia supplies all equipment and can arrange costumes etc. We recommend clients arrange a private function room with round tables for dinner.

Ideal over dinner.
Private venue or room.

A fantastic Murder Mystery Dinner Team Building Event for all groups.

Murder Mystery Dinner Team Building Event


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