New program Beat the Tweet

As technology evolves quicker than we can say ‘truing is so boring’ – trainers, such as Teambuilding Australia need to embrace this evolution and adapt training programs to include technology. License to Spy is a great success, but now we have developed a team game that is simple in its use.

New program Beat the Tweet is an interactive high tech modern scavenger hunt played on Twitter and social media unique to Teambuilding Australia. Beat the Tweet caters for short time program, any group size, includes key learnings and easy to cost.

Case Study

Beat The Tweet

Team Building Australia was recently approached by a corporate client who needed an activity to help bond a newly formed team that was coming together for the first time at a one day offsite strategy session.

The client’s brief included;

breaking the group into small teams
getting participants out and away from the venue
a time frame of less than an hour
getting participants to utilise a number of skill sets
highlight the need of a sense of urgency that was relevant for the new project that the team had been formed to undertake
all to be delivered within a low cost budget.

Most of the clients brief criteria we could meet with any number of programs we deliver. But we didn’t feel that we had one single program that could effectively meet all of the criteria, especially when it came to meeting the very limited time restrictions. It was the time constraints that lead us to embracing Twitter as a medium for program delivery. By its very nature Twitter forces users to be short and sweet.

Beat The Tweet is our new short and sweet program, designed to meet the needs of our clients who may have limited time and budgets, but still need a quality, outcomes based program to help strengthen team bonds and stimulate performance.

Beat The Tweet includes;

Small groups sizes competing
Extremely adaptable venue options
Quick, fast paced action that can be delivered in under an hour.
Requires collaboration among team member to utilise various skills sets
As the program is live online in creates a sense of urgency among teams to increase performance to meet set goals
Can be delivered at a very low investment cost per person


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