Trust your bearings in Orienteaming? Discover the fun and challenge of orienteering in a team environment.

Orienteering is a fun, energetic and challenging adventure. A great addition to an amazing race, scavenger hunt, or as a team challenge in itself. From finding lost treasure to check points on a map or terrain environment, teams have to use compass and map to navigate over a distance to retrieve items in an allotted time frame. GPS will only add to the complications, so we use a simple compass. Teams learn all the skills in a training session, then allowed time to practice and re-skill each other.

It involves heading out into the woods with your team, equipped with a map and compass, and then using all of your skills in order to find your way to the meeting point. Teams will have to work together in order to be successful. Large park areas and CBD locations can also be utilised. Distances vary but ideally a 5km radius area is more than a great distance. locations with rugged terrain and lots of features, woods and trees add to complexity of orienteering.

This is a perfect activity for groups who enjoy nature or getting out, and is physically challenging. Racing against the clock – we can even set up a set course, with map and instructions.

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