Outdoor Team Building Activities for the Work Place


Outdoor Team Building Activities for the Work Place

If there is one thing that you should give your complete attention to, and ensure is done to the highest standard possible, it is team building activities for your workers. Team building activities teach crucial skills that can make or break a company as a whole. So the more time you put in to considering your team building activities, the more success you will meet with, guaranteed.

Not all team building activities that are done outdoors are going to require travel. You can quite easily set up some great team building activities right at the work place.

If it is nice outdoors, you can do an easy scavenger hunt. Break your team up in to several smaller teams, three to four people per team, and have them going looking for hidden items, or messages.

Another great activity is the egg game. Put a hard boiled egg in a spoon, and have teams race to see who can get farthest with out dropping their egg in the shortest amount of time.

As with all team building activities, the purpose to these two activities mentioned is to build a better closeness between the team members. As teams make their way through these team building games, they will learn to encourage one an other, and trust one an other.

With Travel

If you want to take your employees on a trip away from the work place, then there are some very fun team building activities you can set up.

Volleyball is a great way to create that team spirit and camaraderie between workers.

Sand castle building will teach your employees to make the most of what they have, and work with each other on how to better plan things.

Olympic beach games, including tug of war and other fun activities, may seem like just plain fun, but will actually help your employees learn to trust each other.

There is No ‘I’ in Team

A team building activity relies entirely upon the willingness of those involved. So be sure to amp everyone up; you want your team building activity to have the best possible results. The more teams are actively involved in team building activities, the more benefit the activities will have.

If you want to make a team building activity more fun for all participants involved, you should offer a prize. For those who show that they are able to participate in the team building activity, and give it their all, a prize can be awarded. Do not make it a winning and losing circumstance; that is not the point of team building. The point of team building is to encourage all of the people involved to put in an equal amount of effort all around.

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