Outthink and Outplay

Outthink and Outplay… The Team vs Team activity, where Guts vs Glory…means there can be on one winning team!

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Fun team building activities in Sydney and Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane.

Can your team Outthink and Outplay each other in an amazing Survivor Team Challenge program? With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it! according to Aristotle, so can your team step up and outplay the opposition…

This program ideal for escaping the conference room, and lets teams immerse themselves explore the local area and experience some of its unique highlights while participating in a fun-filled Scavenger Hunt Race.

Outhink: Each team receives money, instructions and a Scavenger Hunt Map of the local area. On it are located large arrays of activities to choose from, all of which are at different
locations. Teams have to decide which activities are the most achievable to complete.

Outdo: Activities are located in different areas, and each involved different criteria. Anywhere from 6 to 20 different challenges can be set up, depending on the area and number of participants. All activities can be done simultaneously, but the clock is running so teams have to work smart.

Outplay: The central playing area is set up as a live casino, with play table and music. Teams can gamble their hard earned money from the activities they have just played, and risk their earnings to make even more!

The team that ends up with the most cash in the end is declared the winner, but each team with have a fantastic time working together to decide how to play in Outthink and Outplay!

Any location – urban is best.

Summer or Winter.
Consider a finale at a beach location!

Outthink and Outplay team building activity

Otthink and Outplay

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