Photo Hunt

A Scavenger Hunt with a photography twist.

This photography based activity gets you out into the heart of the city, seeing the sites as well as the hidden treasures while cooperating in teams to overcome obstacles and team challenges and dealing with the inherent problems of a language barrier and an unfamiliar city. There is nothing like a foreign environment for bringing people together and promoting team spirit.

From 1 hour plus, any group size, any location, any time! Photo Hunt by Teambuilding Australia is an exciting creative team event like no other that explores the many inner features of a city or town.

Each team is pitching for a Tender of Business from a client. Teams are given key locations and photo topics, given time and resources, the teams are competing for a clients business, so creativity wins.
Once back at base, captions are digitally added onto your ‘Snaps’ from the day which are then shown back on the big screen straight away or over dinner later that evening or alternatively at the end of your event.


  • Involves creative teamwork
  • Awards ceremony or screening of pictures
  • Involves all members of your team
  • Clever twist with props and items
  • Utilizes the digital medium
  • Incorporates creativity and team based activities.
  • This program isn’t weather dependent.

Team Building Fun Activity


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