Profiling Tools


Our Facilitators are accredited in a number of proven Profiling Tools and Self-Perception Tests.

Profiling Tools


Teambuilding Australia facilitators and coaches are accredited in the most popular proving tools available. Our service enables us to consult with confidence and experience, advising clients on the right tool for the correct reason. Based on our extensive experience, we can supply and deliver profile tests at market rates, complete e-support and report creation. In addition, a workshop and coaching sessions are available that include our famous games, activities and scenerio plays.

Individual profiles can offer tremendous insight into individual and team operating methods.

An inventory of skills, strengths and allowable weaknesses can be used to add value to everything from a stand-alone experiential simulation to the composition of management and project teams.

Each individual invariably brings different skills and behaviours to a team. As an example, the Belbin Model offers us a unique and highly effective way to blend these elements to build the perfect team. In Belbin’s words “Nobody is perfect – but a team can be”.

Profiling Tools and Acreditted Perception Tests Such as DISC and MBTI, TMS and Lego Serious Play delivered by Qualified Facilitators and Coaches.

Workshop activities

We have a number of short optional activities that we include in our facilitated workshops. All activities are focused on the MBTI, TMS, DiSC® Learning’s – with de-brief after each activity and a finale summary as the closing session of the day.

 Good to Great – High Performance Teams – indoor 45mins

In this frenetic team challenge, small teams compete to win the award of best team. Over a number of rounds the teams really need to work closely together to demonstrate their talents in this engaging absorbing activity. Teams rotate to take part in rounds of 3 minutes, to Earn as Much as they can. Rules and boundaries play a significant role in a team winning, but with skill and learning, they go from being good teams, to great teams!

Team Synergy – indoor 45mins

Individuals have to complete the task of allocating their opinion as to what to do in a survival situation. Then upon completion, the individuals are placed into teams and asked to conduct the same criteria, but now as a team. Learning’s: Team synergy and the power of illustration that the team performs better than the individual.

Team Behaviours – indoor 30mins

Wasted energy on Behaviours vs Focus on goals and the importance of strategy. An enlightening Indoor Team Challenge with an outcome that no one sees coming. Allows the group to delve into the mentality of blame rather than looking at the systems that are set in place. It begins with the teams receiving what at first seems like a simple task to complete. This is however complicated by a number of unreasonable constraints and then at the eleventh hour, by a bombshell that often leads to the team imploding dramatically over a very short period of time. Explores values with Roles and responsibility.

Collaboration Game – indoor 30mins

A fast action game, that brings out the importance of values. Trust is what makes the world go around. The Activity really finds out in this absorbing and interactive exercise where the importance of values is made very real. Leadership at the highest level is about how consistent we align the values we espouse with how we act.


DISC - Profiling Tool by Teambuilding Australia

Belbin Profiling Tool

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