Project Omega

Project omega exerciseThe best elements of outdoor teambuilding adventures are incorporated into Project Omega

Project Omega is a large-scale challenge that combines the best elements of outdoor activites into one great team adventure. Teambuilding Australia have facilitated this program all over Australia, NZ and in areas of South East Asia. Our design makes each Project Omega program different, created to embrace team work, team building through key fundamentals of team performances, such as Process Management, Roles and Responsibilities and Communications.

It can be completely customised to fit the needs of your group. This program can just about include everything from 4WD, abseiling, boat building, navigation, mountain bike riding, and much more. Ideally run from 3 hours to over an evening and the next day, the activity includes all facilitation, safety and de-briefing, but also allows each team to approach the challenge however they see fit.

A pre-briefing kicks off in the evening, and is followed by a night navigation task where teams need to pull together and to complete their missions. What sets this team activity apart from just games or fun winning challenges, is that the performance in Project Omega actually illustrates how your team performs…for real. Yes, its a true reflection on performance, planning, communication and process – all relevant in a high performance team. Leadership qualities also play a critical role in the result.

Why choose Project-Omega?

Biking activityteam-builders

This team based activity identifies how a team performs, measures the performance and then allows reflection on three key components: a) the teams process, b) communication across platforms, c) roles and responsibilities within the task.

Over a period of time, the team needs to locate 62 pieces of metal to re-create a radio tower. Teambuilding Australia recommends this program for groups seeking data on their team performance, new teams working more productive, process management and skills. As with an code breaker, codes need to be broken, solved, and acted upon. Perfect for small groups of 8 to 45 people this is a perfect one day or multi-day activity that can take place at any location.

This program is unique and tailored for every client. Ideally a location close to outdoors environment with access to conference room, or facility similar. Please ask us for a list of suitable locations that we have used over the past 10 years. CLICK HERE for a full proposal in info package.

Omega can be facilitated throughout Australia, from bush land to city scape, ideally a location with great variety from adventure activities to challenges that test the team. We have established programs set up in:

Canberra | Melbourne | Sydney

Primary Benefit of the Project Omega program:
Whether you are looking for a program to build your team or just an event to boost morale and camaraderie, Omega is the right choice. The debrief is at first self administered, then as facilitators we pass on our reflections, observations and key learning points.

Project Omega
Project Omega – The ultimate adventure team based learning program, other ideas or info can be requested by contacting us
 Secondary Benefits:
  • Communication
  • Strategy Development
  • Time Management
  • Delegation
  • Creativity
  • Negotiation
  • Working as a team



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