Quick Team Building Activity

Quick Team Building Activity

There is nothing wrong in having a quick team activity to break the ice or realign a learning from a discussion or presentation. One great intro session is to get participants to quickly pair up and discuss a few topics ‘ then ask all to share to the group. In the past I have asked for best experience on a date, hidden talent to craziest thing you have ever done.

In researching for a new client ‘ I discovered a great new suite of ideas for participants to discuss from Jon Gordan’s blog on line

Hero, Highlight, Hardship ‘

Ideally with this quick team building activity, pair up or form small groups, getting each person to talk about one of their heroes and explaining to each other why they are their hero. Then they share a positive highlight in their career or life as well as a hardship from their past. I ask each pair or small group to present to all in the team (also demonstrates how well all listened). With this activity you learn a lot about your team members when you know their heroes, their past highlights and challenging moments. Also, amazing how many people share similar topics, heroes and pasts.






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