Race against the clock

Think Amazing Race meets Survivor…Any location, Any Time Frame, Any Group Size.

Race against the Clock


Team building comes alive with Teambuilding Australia’s Race Against the Clock Amazing Race challenge. Groups are divided into teams and participate in a range of team challenge activities. As the day goes on, the scores add up and the winning team emerges. The fastest Team building Activity that can be co-ordinated anywhere.

Teams receive complete instructions and a scavenger hunt map of the local area. Located on the map are various activities to choose from all of which are at different locations.

The race takes teams on a journey to points that they may not have visited prior, and each point has a challenge or task to complete. The entire event is time based, must work quickly in order to come out on top. Team Building Australia includes everything you need to have a successful Amazing Race, including instructions, maps, backpacks, equipment, cameras, staff and prizes.

Race Against the Clock event is perfect for large groups, competitive and looking for a team vs team activity.

Outdoors arena is best. A Team vs Team activity that incorporates attributes of great teamwork, such as communication, planning, decision making, delivery and skill setting. 


Goose Chase Race activity
Why not also look at our great new technology race game. Played on a dedicate App, teams login and complete missions for points. CLICK HERE for more info.
Our fun and active Race Against the Clock Team Building Activity will amaze your group from start to finish line. Contact us for more ideas and other suggestions on fun team activities and games offered in your area: CONTACT US

Amazing Race

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