Rock Climbing

Raising the bar and challenging your group to test their limits.

Team Rock Climbing Adventures

Rock climbing is a great activity for groups, and encourages trust while breaking up the day with some fun. TeamBuilding Australia offer extensive packages that help teams get out onto the rock for the first time. Teams feel the energy created when individuals push themselves to the limit, trusting their workmates and feel secure in a managed environment.


Our qualified facilitators and instructors are on site at all times to manage the group and reflect learnings, debrief discoveries and explore key factors for the team to nurture post rock climbing.


Climbing is about the feet, using the legs, not hanging on with hands, so skill sharing and abilities will enhance a teams performance. A key debrief is trust, how well did individuals trust the situation they were in, after all a rope typical can hold 2 tonnes.


After a briefing on safety and etiquette in a dangerous location, teams need to work together to achieve a result where all the participants are comfortable in reaching. It may consist of a group effort, height reached, or the maximum number of participants able to complete the climb.

Our guided programs offer un-limited access to many rock areas in and around the Sydney area. Ideally an introduction program, rock climbing is a thrilling and challenging sport suitable for all ages and skill levels. Its a great team building activity that involves all participants, a role for everyone, the team set the limits and through a collaborative group approach agree on boundaries. Contact us today to find out how our Rock-Climbing Team-Building corporate training program can really add value into the performance of your people. CONTACT US

 Rock-Climbing team training activity

Adventure Team Building and Rock Climbing

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