Sand Sculpting

Sand Sculpting Accommodates 10 to 1000 people, and requires only nice weather and a beach.

Using sand and your hands your group can learn the art of sandology and use it to learn to build incredible sculptures. Beach activities do not get much better than our own Sand Sculpting team building activities, which involves teams creating their very own giant sand sculpture. Judges request each team to present their artist creation, with a sales pitch and a clear message being utilised.

Sand Sculpting
Sand Sculpting


A fantastic teambuilding event that encourages creativity, thinking outside the box, as well as teamwork, sandsculpting is perfect for an event finale, or can be added onto other team events such as Amazing Race or Beach Olympics. Everyone is involved and after expert tuition, teams are given a subject to illustrate through the art of sculpting sand.



Along with equipment and tools of the trade, teams race against each other and the clock to frantically create a masterpiece for all to witness. We can even prepare a ready made castle, car, dragon or logo in advance so teams get inspired.

This event is also perfect for a conference room escape to break up long sessions! Ideal for any group size, beach location – or we can bring the sand to you!

Sand Sculpting is a great creative team based activity, where we can include many options:

  1. Perfect as a Conference opening session
  2. Incorporate brand, theme, message or key products
  3. As a finishing activity to a race or scramble, survivor, team quest activity.
  4. Office escape and a creative team activity – Contact Us for more ideas


Beach Team Building Events - SandSculpting


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