Scavenger Hunt Team Building Activities

Scavenger Hunt Team Building Activities are a popular team building activity that can be tailored to different group sizes, locations, and themes. Scavenger hunts involve teams working together to find and collect a set of items or complete a series of challenges within a specified time frame. Here are some key benefits and tips to keep in mind when planning a scavenger hunt as a team activity:


  • Scavenger hunts promote teamwork and collaboration as team members must work together to complete challenges or find items.
  • They can also help to build problem-solving and decision-making skills as teams strategize and make decisions on the best ways to complete the hunt.
  • Scavenger hunts can be a fun and engaging way to explore a new location or learn more about the history and culture of a place.
  • They can also help to promote healthy competition and boost team morale.


  • Make sure to provide clear instructions and guidelines for the scavenger hunt, including the location, the list of items or challenges, the time frame, and any safety precautions.
  • Create teams with a mix of skill sets and personalities to encourage collaboration and diverse perspectives.
  • Consider incorporating technology, such as smartphones or tablets, to make the scavenger hunt more interactive and engaging.
  • Encourage teams to take photos or videos of their progress and share them on social media to boost team spirit and engagement.
  • Finally, make sure to debrief with the team after the scavenger hunt to discuss what went well, what could be improved, and what lessons were learned. This can help to reinforce the team building experience and promote continuous learning and improvement.



Perfect as social team activity.

Interactive challenges at iconic locations.

Tailored to a teams timeframe, location, group size and budget.

4 great Race options to choose from – all different.

Anchors: time management, planning, strategy, team-work and collaboration.

Building a stronger team takes a whole lot of effort. But did you know that you can circumvent the effort almost entirely by using a team building activity? It is true; building a stronger team in your place of business can be as easy as having some fun, provided that you take the time to ensure that you properly plan your team building activity, and have a proper company to guide you. Scavenger Hunt ‘ A New Team Today! Remember scavenger hunts from when you were younger?

Strategy Development is an other crucial team building skill scavenger hunts teach. Your teams are going to have to learn to work together, which is a team building experience of its own to meet the time limit. This means you will have to split up tasks and trust one an other to complete said tasks promptly and efficiently.

What You Need The only way to conduct a true team building activity, and ensure that it is done properly, is to contact a professional team building organizing company. From there, you can easily start to outline what it is you hope to accomplish, and properly set up your team building scavenger hunt for your employees. You can also get some great tips for future team building activities that will be fun and easy to set up.

Explore the range of fun Scavenger Hunt Team Building Activities delivered throughout Australia, suitable for any group size at any location.

Our best Scavenger Hunts in Australia are Beet the Tweet,  License to Spy, Shutter Speed and our Amazing Race –  a great escape from the office / conference room! Explore Sydney, or Melbourne, Canberra or The Gold Coast, from the vibrant CBD locations that include historic and cultural locations, parks and malls to beaches and sand.



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