Special Ops

The ultimate team collaboration game…A Special Ops Game – of Missions, Tactics and Planning

SPECIAL OPS is an indoors high impact participative team building game. Typically from 90 mins to 2 hours. A simulation quest that is powerful in its learning’s, fun and team based. Focused on strategic planning, shared missions, communications and above all else, collaboration across teams – SPECIAL OPS is designed to generate powerful understandings of how teams that collaborate – win.


The exercise supports experiential learning and interactive discussions about:

  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Communications and Styles
  • Resource Management Teamwork
  • Strategic Planning and Risk Taking
  • Forming and Executing Objectives
  • Team Motivation
Facilitated indoors, with each team allocated a table, a set of props to theme up, instructions and a game kit. After 15 minutes to plan a strategy, teams start their missions.

Special Ops focuses on enhancing teamwork and collaboration. Teams choose from a set of required missions and acquire information from the Command Center as well as weaponry from other teams. They then have to put their plans into action, trusting that luck will not turn bad and their planning fails. In addition, as play continues, teams acquire new information that rewards flexibility and inter-team communications.

Teams of Special Ops were transported to a foreign location to deal with a terrorist group which is planning a major offensive. Our mission is for squads to make their way to the enemy base, accomplish as many target missions as possible and return to base. Squads have only 18 days to get to the enemy base and back, safely.

SPECIAL OPS is educational and engaging; it is an experiential exercise designed to generate a variety of typical team behaviors that can be readily debriefed in a number of ways. The overall goal is to accomplish all the missions; teams need to communicate amongst themselves to develop an overall plan of action.

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