Spy Hunt Team Building Activity

No location too hard, from 1 hour to all day. Excite and test your team, plus save the team in Spy Hunt.

Spy Hunt Team Building Activity

Overview- a high tech game that uses our special dedicated site to play the game www.top-secret.com.au – teams are given access code, then they log in via lap tops or their iphones, Blackberries etc. to get the instructions and briefing’s. The Ultimate team hunt…this is a real WOW event, involves many twist and turns, great laughs and can include many options to assist your group. A Team interactive, development event, designed to test any groups planning, synergy, communication and time & team management skills, in a creative & fun learning environment. We can tailor programs with considerations on time, group size and prices to fit any budget.

This is a unique scavenger hunt where your team will discover clues in order to solve a mystery as they race to different locations against a deadline. Spy Hunt is a fun team building game like no other activity, from start to finish teams take on a spy role, beating teams to crack the code and solve to win the prize of office bragging rights forever. You’ll need sleuth powers to win, crafty thinking and clever approaches to crack clues and puzzles.


Team Building Australia Spy Hunt Game

Taking place in a range of outdoor locations across the city, the plot is set and you will see who can finish first. Teams are competing head to head at first, but will need to collaborate in order to succeed. You can see some popular activities on our short video at: YouTube

Options can include bikes, navigation, helicopters, cars, golf buggies etc. to make this a hilarious and competitive team event. Teams are given a set of clues and unique riddles in order to diagnose, discover and test their creativity.

Spy Hunt Team Building Activity is a great way to include technology and activities into a team based learning program. The game can be set up as a collaborative team based activity or competitive.



‘One the best interactive games we have held, collaborative, fun and fast paced. From the start our teams had to think, plan and then act on decsive tasks, perfect for our message, thank you KTAS 2018

Team Building Australia can arrange location venue hire, permits, finale, prizes and awards, DVD and photo compilation to make for a exciting and challenging team building activity. Winning the event is usually enough to hold off other teams for years!

Top secret spy assignment learning activity.Optional inclusions:
Race style team vs team challenges, from problem solving to creative, sports based.
Finale at the conference venue, office or the Pub!
Final activities such as Sand Sculptures to finish on.
Inclusion of video challenges.
Key locations – iconic to the location chosen
Mobile phone technology, GPS, App useage.
Photo challenges of team values etc..
Team problem games on route.
Actors staged at key locations to guide the teams along.
What Next:

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Spy Hunt - Teambuilding Australia

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