Team Action Forum

An outcome driven leadership session lasting from 1 hour to all day.

Team Building Australia Action Forum program is designed to facilitate groups through a series of issues in order to come up with solutions that can be implemented to solve the problem. Team Action Forum is a hands on facilitated team workshop that allows problems to be solved through collaboration of ideas and suggestions from everyone.

Ideal for any type of group, everyone contributes their own ideas to the issue and gets to participate in the process. We use a number of key tools such as Lego Serious Play as a medium to express the culture and progression beyond the training.

Action Forum

Teams take on an issue and work through their ideas and solutions. Then each the team collectively narrows down points to come up with the final solution.

This is a fast and furious brainstorming session that teaches groups the power of collaboration in order to solve a problem. Our process is set in a workshop, conference or offsite, a facilitated session that explores a 360 degree model of feedback, department to department, ore team to team, individual to individual. Teams also found that the session complimented other key skills tools, such as DISC or our powerful leader in you retreat.

Team Action Forum is a great team workshop that allows participants to share and give feedback, so the team, business and individuals can progress…forward.

Action Forum - training and development

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