Team beach Olympics

Team Beach Olympics – terrific office escape featuring a mix of crazy, engaging team-based challenges.

Team Beach Olympics is an incredibly fun and fast-paced event that lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours, with a grand finale Sand Sculpting contest. Teams compete on some crazy beach activities in an olympics style format, with teams co-operating and at times competing on games. The winning team is team that has rights to boast of victory, wearing medals and sporting a large bling trophy.

Ideally suited to the beach, this event include using metal detectors to find hidden objects in the sand, filling water containers in order to land flying whirlies, navigating through a beach mine field armed with metal detectors, building crazy boats to float a person or object, and using inflatable beach balls in a hysterical team race.

This activity, Team Beach Olympics, powerfully demonstrates how teams can dramatically outperform individuals, while maintaining an energetic, fun and challenging environment. Teams learn about working together, while discovering their own capabilities during this incredible day of events. Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to let your group unwind and discover how they can work together to get things done.

Teambuilding Highlights:

High level of participation, fun competitiveness and integration

Level of involvement and rivalry stays high right throughout the program from beginning to end

No one is left out. May be customized to fit time frame – Great way of breaking down barriers and building team camaraderie

Serious fun! Maximum participation for everyone

Opportunity to compete against each other, against other departments which come out on different days and even against other companies for world records

Measurable results – everything is put up on the record board

May be customized to fit ongoing themes in the company. High energy

Team Beach Olympics team building activity

Team Beach Olympics
Team Beach OlympicsTeam Beach Olympics  

Team Building Beach Olympics

Team Beach Olympics
Sand Sculpting

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