Team Building Activities in Sydney and Melbourne

Sydney and Melbourne are great locations to facilitate innovative new team building activities. If your team is stuck for ideas to escape the office, as us how we can add some energy to a Friday afternoon or create some office energy mid-week. Team Building activities in Sydney and Melbourne vary from active group based events such as races, games, creative learning to adventure challenges, all possible.


Fun Team Building activities in Sydney and Melbourne
Fun Team Building activities in Sydney and Melbourne








Our popular option include more technology based team-building activities. Operating on Team-building Australia’s tablets, the ‘License to Spy ‘ Spy Hunt’ game features a unique follow website ‘ dedicated to every client – Once members arrive at their destination, challenges are issued to the teams in the form of questions, clues and pictures that require teamwork to complete.

Team Building Activities in Sydney and Melbourne by Team Building Australia the premier providers of corporate facilitated events. This team race reveals some typical spy challenges, such as cipher wheel, hidden informant, cryptic crossword, word exchange, letter drop, secret informant and a guest appearance of Austin Powers!. When your team complete a task, they enter the answer into the www, if correct your directed to a new challenge or mission, if incorrect, wait and retry.

Updates, feedback and scores are all kept in real-time as the technology tracks teams’ progress through the lanes and back alleys of Melbourne and Sydney. Each program is designed around your needs, budget, outcomes and group location.

There’s no limit to the number of teams who can play and compete against each other. A game can last for 45 minutes or a whole day ‘ we recommend 2 ‘3 hours. Any time, location and budget, it’s that flexible. Our Games Master can measure each team’s record of success, offer SMS feedback about how they are performing, plus add tips and clues. The finish point is important – a pub is always a winner, or a key location, iconic feature, conference room, helicopter ride, boat or even airport.

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Fun Team Building in Sydney

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