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Top 6 Team Building programs in Canberra

Corporate group events and leadership training.

Australia’s capital Canberra, offers fantastic options for teams to embark on team building activities and events. The scope of the inner city is perfect for our Amazing Race and even team scavenger hunts.

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Canberra Hotels also offer great conference facilities, all with something different to offer, adding value to the conference experience, our indoors training events and games can enhance the outcomes for any team.

Team Building Canberra includes both indoors and outside activities, plus conference and training workshops.

There is also a large range of tourist accommodation available around Canberra, mainly being hotels, although there are also a few bed and breakfasts, hostels and campsites. As well as offering a full range of culture and history the city also offers a lively entertainment scene, including its theatres and cinemas.

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Teambuilding Australia has been operating in the Canberra and ACT region over many years, designing and facilitating corporate team events and training programs, workshops and seminars for many organisations and Government departments.

With access to over 50 unique programs, our flexibility in operations, allows us to design a unique program to every clients needs and outcomes.

From 1 hour training modules to 2 day worksop sessions that address key topics such teamwork, productivity, workplace performance, team building techniques, communication improvement, self perception tests and individual profiling.

Corporate training exercises and group activities in Canberra

1. Fantastic scope of team options available.
2. Both unique for indoors and outdoors facilities in Canberra and ACT.
3. Wide range of locations to fit every group in Canberra.
4. Large selection of conference and meeting venues.
5. Easy to choose leadership and company training programs for any group needs in Canberra.

Canberra Teambuilding
canberra teambuilding
Teambuilding Canberra

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