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Want to excite your team in these testing times? At Teambuilding Australia we include original program ideas and flexibility with professional service and client requirements. Please let us know your needs and requirements and we will present a solution focused proposal based on imaginative concepts that fit budget and outcomes. We will offer free advise on the best ingredients for your team event.

Whatever the need for the Team-building event, we recommend obtaining a few proposals, then allowing time to consider the team building ideas. Please make sure you meet with any supplier, think of entering into a ‘marriage’ you want to make sure. An event takes much work and effort, its an important statement and a key to success is to plan and use the best people, seeking advise can be rewarding in the outcome, so just ask.

So below is just some ideas for your next team building event. To find out more just call.

  • Activity Days at a Conference.
  • Creative Art Events during a workshop.
  • Treasure Hunts to escape the office.
  • Music and Dance to celebrate.
  • Evening Events to integrate the team.
  • Tailor Made games in a training agenda.
  • Themed Parties for rewards and recognition.
  • Development Workshops at work.
  • Fund Raising Programs for a cause.
  • Hospitality Events for key clients.

Blog posts from past events.

singapore team

The Leaders Retreat

The Leaders Retreat. Combines leadership and team building with the great outdoors for a fantastic experience! A leaders retreat is an offsite event that provides an opportunity for leaders to come together, reflect on their vision and mission, and develop strategies for achieving their goals. The retreat can be an effective way to build teamwork and…
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Rock Climbing

Raising the bar and challenging your group to test their limits. Rock climbing is a great activity for groups, and encourages trust while breaking up the day with some fun. TeamBuilding Australia offer extensive packages that help teams get out onto the rock for the first time. Teams feel the energy created when individuals push…
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Rock climbing activity

Rock and Rope

Raising the bar and challenging your group to test their limits. Rock and Rope adventure team building activities, leadership, group performance programs and self development. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally challenging activity that can make an excellent team building experience. It involves working together to navigate difficult terrain, overcome fears, and achieve a…
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Geese lessons

Lessons from Geese

Leadership Lessons from Geese Lessons From Geese is a metaphorical concept that compares the teamwork and leadership of geese to those of humans. The concept is based on observations of geese during their migratory flights, and how they work together in a V-formation to make their journey easier and more efficient. Here are some of…
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Team Sand Sculpture

Sand Sculpting

Sand Sculpting Accommodates 10 to 1000 people, and requires only nice weather and a beach. Using sand and your hands your group can learn the art of sandology and use it to learn to build incredible sculptures. Beach activities do not get much better than our own Sand Sculpting team building activities, which involves teams creating their…
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Abseiling Adventures

Abseiling Adventure Exhilarating, thrilling, easy to learn – the views are simply breathtaking! Accommodates groups from 8 to 100 people.                       Abseiling Adventures can be a thrilling and challenging team building activity that can help to develop trust, communication, and teamwork skills among team members. In…
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beach Olympics

Team beach Olympics

Team Beach Olympics – terrific office escape featuring a mix of crazy, engaging team-based challenges. Team Beach Olympics is a fun and engaging team building activity that takes place on the beautiful beaches of Australia. It is a perfect way for teams to bond and improve their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills while enjoying the sun,…
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Team Survivor

With all the drama of ‘Survivor’ this fun filled program creates a very high level of participation,  fun, competitiveness and integration. A few twists make Teambuilding Australia’s Survivor program a group activity with all involved, too the bitter end!       Team Survivor is a team building activity that involves groups of people working together…
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Super heros team building

Team Movie Making

Team Movie Making – your team gets to create a Hollywood Movie! Without doubt the best team program ever…thats what our clients repeatably quote and say to us. Why? because the program is flexible, not limited to location or time frame, can cater for any size team, easily is adaptable around teams key messages and…
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The Wild Goose Chase

Beet the App: Its A Wild Goose Chase Quick, Fun and Interactive. The Wild Goose Chase is a brand new team building activity that gets your team racing around the local area, city or even Country! The Wild Goose Chase is the best Teambuilding activity that gets teams creating, completing tasks, activities and missions anywhere.…
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learn and lead

Team Action Forum

An outcome driven leadership session lasting from 1 hour to all day. Team Building Australia Action Forum program is designed to facilitate groups through a series of issues in order to come up with solutions that can be implemented to solve the problem. Team Action Forum is a hands on facilitated team workshop that allows problems…
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Outdoor teambuilding

City Scramble

The City Scramble race a chance to win and build your team to succeed. Amazing Race style activities are great way to get your team out and about, no matter the location. From CBD to rural locations, using public transport to hire cars, there are many options to include in the team event. The ultimate team…
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Profiling Teams

Profiling Tools

  Our Facilitators are accredited in a number of proven Profiling Tools and Self-Perception Tests.   Teambuilding Australia facilitators and coaches are accredited in the most popular proving tools available. Our service enables us to consult with confidence and experience, advising clients on the right tool for the correct reason. Based on our extensive experience,…
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Special ops

Special Ops

The ultimate team collaboration game…A Special Ops Game – of Missions, Tactics and Planning SPECIAL OPS is an indoors high impact participative team building game. Typically from 90 mins to 2 hours. A simulation quest that is powerful in its learning’s, fun and team based. Focused on strategic planning, shared missions, communications and above all else,…
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teambuilding australia

A Current Affair

Trashy television has never been so much fun than in A Current Affair Your teams challenge is to produce and star in a segment of A Current Affair tv program. Unique to your business or company, teams direct, produce, act, film and incorporate core points into a TV program that goes live to air either after…
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Market Share corporate training games Australia

Market Share

Market Share® is a team building game of skill and chance that engages each team in building their own business by acquiring business resources and customers to generate income and to amass the most profit throughout the game. The winner is the team who has earned and invested the most and whose total is the…
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the amazing race

Team Scavenger Hunts

Follow the clues to VICTORY with our fantastic Team Scavenger Hunts Team Building Australia Scavenger Hunts are a fun, challenging way to get out of the conference room while accomplishing your business-focused team building goals. These activities can also integrated into a training day, as an ice-breaker to add energy into the group. Flexibility in design…
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Australia team art

Paint it Real

See your team come alive with colour and creativity in Paint it Real Add a splash of colour to your team event with Paint it Real!. The team building activity accommodates any group size and location. This unique team building experience encourages your team to learn, share skills, and create while creating something very different. Paint…
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Team Building with Style

Team Building with Style – is a  reality Teambuilding Australia program which focuses on team putting on a catwalk show using props and costumes, with a brief that is aligned to a conference theme, company brand and values. The teams compete with each other to create the best clothes and are usually restricted in time,…
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the apprentice

The Team Apprentice

Will your team display customer centricity as The Team Apprentice How customer Focused is your team? Or are they just Product Driven? Our fun Customer Centricity training programs are rich in learning’s, engaging for all, fun to participate and learning through creativity.  We all know that the most important person in your business is the customer.…
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Formula Won

High speed team building comes live to your team event with Formula Won This indoor team building icebreaker activity can take place at any location and is designed to accommodate both large and small groups. Energize your team and let them work together to navigate a miniature Grand Prix racing circuit using a large pen, string…
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Leadership Teambuilding

Project Omega

The best elements of outdoor teambuilding adventures are incorporated into Project Omega Project Omega is a large-scale challenge that combines the best elements of outdoor activites into one great team adventure. Teambuilding Australia have facilitated this program all over Australia, NZ and in areas of South East Asia. Our design makes each Project Omega program different,…
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bikes for tykes 2011

Bike for Tykes

Find it, Build it, watch it peddle away to a great cause in Bike for Tykes. ‘Bikes 4 Little Tykes’ is a really unique team building event that combines an opportunity for your staff to hone skills like communication, creativity, leadership and teamwork, with a chance to give back to their local community. Corporate Social Responsibility…
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Team leader

Customer Centricity

Remember People do Business with People! Customer Service Role Play – This is a specialized program designed for teams that deal with customers. Our communications expert puts teams through a rigorous and entertaining series of exercises to hone their customer relation skills. Mock situations are established and analyzed by the group in order to focus…
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Beet the Tweet

Beat the Tweet

From a lunch break to an afternoon, any group size, any location, any time. A new wave in team building activities and games have emerged, games that get’s your team racing around the city, office or conference venue: completing challenges, solving problems and being creative in using only 140 characters or less at a time.…
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Team events in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and all of Australia. Everything you need to build a great team and train inspirational leaders.


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